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15 February 20230


Very kind,
as anticipated in previous communications , we present the proposal to participate in CIBUS Connect from 29 to 30 March 2023 at Fiere Parma.

There will be a large presence of international operators and therefore the Piacenza Alimentare Consortium will be present with its own multi-product collective located in Hall 6.

For those interested in participating, we propose a double solution:

Solution 1: a pre-fitted space reserved for exclusive use to display their products and welcome customers, with a shared storage. Each space will be complete with display window, desk with stool and table with chairs. Each space can be customized according to the needs of individual companies (e.g. addition of rental equipment).

Solution 2: a space for the exhibition of its products, which will be shared with other companies that will use the service. The area will be equipped with spaces for the exhibition of samples, a reception desk and tables for appointments. It is also expected the presence of a dedicated professional who as TEM (temporary export manager) will take care of the reception and management of professional visitors, assisted by the staff of the Consortium. This figure will be previously adequately trained about the participating companies and products exposed through preliminary meetings at each reality.

After the event, it will also support companies in the follow-up activity for the development of the collected contacts. The presence of company personnel at the fair will not be necessary.

An indicative summary of the pre-accession area, which could clearly be slightly modified on the basis of accessions, can be found in the annex.

We therefore ask you to inform us as soon as possible of the formula of participation chosen

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