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Gallettificio Valtidone: corn cakes, buckwheat cakes, organic rice cakes, organic buckwheat cakes production.

Farmers who created a network connection “aziende agricole in rete” to redeploy the business production (cereals, pseudocereals) yelding simple but researched products. They have an uncommon purpose: cakes production guarantees an unexpected flavor and quality thanks to whole – and not turned – mainstays such as corn, buckwheat and rice grains.

The mission is the natural exaltation of these noble cereals traits, giving to the customers an excellent product.
The corn, buckwheat and rice cakes are perfect as bread substitute or as snack for aperitifs and breakfast.


Cakes of corn 120 g, cakes of buckwheat 100 g, cakes of organic rice 100 g, cakes of organic corn 120 g, cakes of organic buckwheat 100 g.
The organic line is certified ICEA IT BIO 006 operator code h3147.
The organic line and traditional line are certified VEGAN OK code company 0657.
The raw materials are only turned from whole grains. They enhance cereal flavor adding Himalayan pink salt.

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