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11 September 20140

Val Tidone is the western valley of Piacenza, land of ancient mills, castles and worship sites surrounded by sweeps of vineyards. It is also an international cultural hub for art and music.

Here you can find a list of DECO (Denominazione Comunale, “Village-Denomination) products, stemmed from specific marketing projects aimed at fostering typical products coming from a particolar village.


BATARÖ  De.Co from Nibbiano Val Tidone

Small focaccias made of wheat and corn flour with only a small amount of seasonings (oil and a bit of sugar), enriched with raisins only on special occasions. Now it i salso served in local restaurant in a salted version matched with local cured meats.


CHISOLA De. Co from Borgonovo Val Tidone

A typical focacciawith “ciccioli”, the parts that get wasted during pig lard preparation.


STRACOTTO D’ASININA De.Co. from Rottofreno

Donkey stew cooked for many hours in red Barbera or Gutturnuio wine, tomato sauce, lard, butter, carrots, celery, laurel, garlic and onions.


POLENTA WITH CICCIOLI De.Co  from Rottofreno

Corn flour-added polenta with ciccioli, pig lard pieces that get previously dried and salted.

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