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11 September 20140

Val d’Arda offers a green undulating landscape of grape-cultivated hills – the well-appreciated sweet wine “Vin Santo di Vigoleno” is produced here –  and woods punctuated by castles and tower, traces of an enchanting and unspoilt past.

The village of castell’Arquato stemmed from an important castrum of the Roman age and a feudal castle from the 8th century and became a flourishin village in the central centuries of the middle ages. Thanks to its authentic medieval atmosphere and its jewels of Romanic art, it also served as setting of several movies such as Ladyhawke (1985).

Here you can find a list of DECO (Denominazione Comunale, “Village-Denomination) products, stemmed from specific marketing projects aimed at fostering typical products coming from a particolar village.


CHISOLINI De. Co  from Fiorenzuola Val d’Arda

A recipe of unknown origins belonging to the so-called “poor cuisine” of local people. Most times a “chisolino” is a sort of breadstick to be tasted with local cheeses and cured meat products.


ANOLINI De.Co from Val d’Arda

An ancient recipe that consists of fresh stuffed pasta filled with cheese instead of meat, which is used in most cases, due to the “meat-poor” cuisine of the area in contrast with the richer culinary traditions of Piacenza and the dukedom of Parma.


SPRELLE De.Co from Fiorenzuola Val d’Arda

Sprelle are the typical sweets of Carnival times, traditionally fried in a big amount of lard that got stocked during Lent weeks.

During Carnival, you can find them in almost every bakery or pastry shop.

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