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16 April 20210

We inform you that ICE, Agency for the promotion abroad and the internationalization of companies, organizes, for the agri-food sector, a virtual B2B with UK operators on the SMART 365 platform reserved for Italian companies.

Pasta, oil and coffee companies are excluded from participation as the market at this time is not particularly receptive and operators do not report interest in these categories.
Wine is also excluded for which a dedicated event will be provided.
We remind you that the products of primary agriculture, horticulture and fishing, whose promotion is financed with other types of structural funds, are however excluded.

Participation is strongly recommended to those companies (excluding the categories mentioned above) that have innovative, organic and gluten-free products.
Initiative date: 24 – 25 May

At the following link you will find the ICE offer and the procedures for joining, which must take place by April 20:

Smart 365 Virtual B2B UK

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