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The Riverfrut agricultural company is located in Rivergaro in the green Piacenza countryside that stretches in the western area of ​​Emilia-Romagna, a region known everywhere for its hospitality, the beauty of the area and its marked propensity for good food.
The owners of Riverfrut, the brothers Emilio and Angelo Bertuzzi, have been farmers for generations. In twenty years they have specialized in the cultivation of horticultural products on an area of ​​about 750 hectares: especially fresh green beans and tomatoes.
The “Controlled Quality of the Emilia-Romagna Region” specification has been applied to Riverfrut crops for years. Riverfrut products can therefore carry the QC mark. Riverfrut has also acquired the Global G.A.P. certification, a protocol that defines the essential elements of agricultural practice for the development of the best technique in fruit and vegetable production. The goal of Global G.A.P. is to respond to the growing needs of food safety and respect for the environment.
Over time Riverfrut has shown that it knows how to improve the concept of quality applied to large volumes: the brand is now present in the main Italian and some European supermarkets and markets, confirming the seriousness and specialization of the company.

Currently Riverfrut produces lines of Cottintavola brand products such as:
• V range steamed and grilled vegetables
• 100% vegetable burger
• 100% vegetable soups
• 100% vegetable organic puree
• Creamy fresh fruit

The goal is, of course, to continue growing.

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