Pastry and ConfectioneryL’Antico Mulino di Ottone

c/o Super Ottone Market di Traverso A. – Via Roma, 14 – 29026 Ottone (PC)
Tel. 0523 930279 – Fax. 0523 967114 –

Antico Mulino di Ottone was born in 1990, when Alessandro Traverso arrived to the Trebbia valley from Liguria, with his professional skills as a pastry chef and will to experiment. He turned the old railway station in the centre of the village into a food shop and after some years he added a butchery shop and the pastry plant.


The project lies on a clear and precise idea: baking home-made pastry products of the Ligurian tradition, rediscovering recipes of the Piacenza Apennines and bringing these excellent products to the sea and to the plain.

The products can be enjoyed with coffee, tea and even alone. The product range includes packagings for the retail market and a smaller format suitable for coffee shops.

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