CheeseBosco Gerolo Soc. Agr. Coop.

Loc. Gerolo – Roveleto Landi – 29029 Rivergaro (PC)
Tel. 0523 952540 – Fax. 0523 952541 –

The farm, which is the heart of today’s activity, was established in the 1960s thanks to the rent of a few acres of land, planted with wheat, tomatoes and forage for the breeding of dairy cows.
In the early 1990s, with the introduction of new EU agricultural policies, it was necessary to radically change the company’s orientation.
Therefore, the new generation decided to build a modern barn and renovate the old farm buildings by turning them into sites for milk processing and for the direct sales of cheese.
In this way, “Cascina Bosco Gerolo” started to grow.

The agritourism and the “educational farms” were founded in 2000 in a space dedicated to families. Here they can share and participate to the daily activities of the company and so understand the importance of the authenticity of its products, which are followed in each step of their transformation.
Cascina Bosco Gerolo is an agritourism located at the foot of the Val Trebbia hills. It combines the agricultural tradition with a modern and friendly structure which is open to the public.

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